Digital Signage

To catch the attention of window shoppers and passers by takes innovation and creativity. Even the best shop signage though can be easily complimented with digital signage.

According to HP: Digital Signage displays deliver full-featured, attractive and engaging graphics, text, and video advertisements in high-resolution 1080p perfect for indoor environments.

There is much to admire about the currently available digital signage options. They are bold, bright, eye-catching and may even be interactive. Increasingly shoppers are drawn to these screens as they are looking for inspiration and information about products available in a store, shopping centre, club, hotel or venue.

A traditional ‘sale sign’ is going to be a bright but static graphic or word such as this:

newcastle signs 9

You can see from this following example by Fuji Film that though it may look quite simple physically the result can be very bright and luring for potential customers.

example of digital signage

It’s important to make sure that whatever the options you choose for digital signage that you ensure they are installed with the properly engineered attachments and safely bolted to the wall/floor/ceiling.

As one of the leaders in digital signage, Fuji Film describes it thus.

Digital signage is a visually dynamic and highly impactful medium that has emerged as the pre-eminent choice for retail, enterprise and government sectors who desire a more interactive & engaging solution to seize their customers attention.

They go on to list some specific and important benefits of digital signage:

CREATE AWARENESS for your business, products and promotional offers

ENGAGE with your customers and create a deeper more immersive brand experience

INFLUENCE your customers by providing dynamic, targeted messages that are noticed and remembered

GENERATE REVENUE by advertising your products & services or through media sales

SAVE YOUR BUSINESS MONEY by investing in a digital solution as opposed to constantly spending on traditional point of sale formats

If you are thinking about getting digital signs and you would like to speak with a company that has years of experience in this area it would be worth worth considering a call your preferred signage company. They have been working with these types of displays in a range of retail and other environments and have access to a wide range of solutions for digital signage.

digital sign

We’re sure you will agree the case for digital signage is compelling and the cost may surprise you because this technology is quite mature now and so indoor displays of up to 40in are very reasonably priced and within reach of even a small retailer.